Environmental, Social and Governance

Effective management of health, safety, environment, quality, energy, carbon emissions and ethical sourcing is part of our Sustainability Policy. Our ESG strategy and framework will take the next step, identify issues that are a priority for our stakeholders and set out how these will be addressed. We intend to report on continuing progress in subsequent annual reports as we focus on long-term sustainable success.

Although our activities in 2020 have focused on reducing our environmental impact we appreciate that ESG is much wider than this and our framework will reflect that. ESG is a focus for the Board both now and for the future.

Peter Allen



The Group is an environmentally conscious organisation which acknowledges the impact its operations and services may have on the environment.


Click here to see detail of our environmental actions in 2020 and reporting under the Streamlined Emergy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations.

Our future plans to reduce environmental impact include:

  • Reporting and feedback on our environmental progress each year.
  • Meeting our initial targets to reduce environmental burden through effective energy and environmental management. This is being further developed with the introduction of the ISO accreditation schemes.
  • Entering into energy agreements with suppliers and committing to have contracts in place so that 50% of all electricity supplied to our sites by 2025 is generated from renewable sources (excluding nuclear). At the start of 2021 we sit at 35% from renewable sources.
  • Investigate and implement (where appropriate) energy and environmental initiatives that will reduce our burden with proven reduction against our energy management plan.
  • In line with our environmental and energy commitments, we will incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UK Government’s Green Industrial Revolution programme in all areas that can be made applicable to our business.
  • Continue to review how much travel is necessary with improved communication methods as demonstrated across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The review of travel completed in 2020 outlined a reduction in miles travelled, and with some locations looking to restrict sales of petrol and diesel cars in the coming years and more viable methods of communication at our disposal, AMS will continue to review our fleet and our policies and processes behind this in 2021.








Social factors will be a key aspect of the ESG framework. We have considered a variety of Social factors and introduced a number of employee policies in 2020. We will further move our engagement forward in 2021 by introducing a Code of Conduct. As we come out of the pandemic we will look to increase our Community and Sponsorship work, which has been limited due to remote working. We will look to further strengthen employee engagement and maintain our high standards of health and safety. Actions taken in 2020 can be seen by clicking here.

Our gender ratios and ‘Care, Fair, Dare’ values are outlined below.




Governance has always been an area of focus for AMS. Our Corporate Governance Report Remuneration Report in the 2020 Annual Report outline our strength in this area, often going further than is required by an AIM quoted company and by following the stricter UK Corporate Governance Code.

We have taken numerous actions to increase diversity and strengthened our commitment to equality by increasing the scope of our Equality Policy and relaunching it to cover aspects covered in this report as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Governance will be a foundation of our work for developing an ESG framework during 2021 and is an area where we feel significant progress has been made.

Click here to access our Governance report.



The Group has focused on strong and robust corporate governance to reflect enhanced stakeholder expectations, building on clarity of purpose and a values-based culture.

Peter Allen