Base alginates

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Alginate dressings produced from seaweed, absorb exudate and help to stop bleeding.  They absorb exudate away from the wound whilst maintaining an ideal moist wound healing environment.

The moist wound environment facilitated by alginates promotes debridement of devitalised tissue, thereby assisting in wound bed preparation.  The alginate fibres form a gel when in contact with exudate, and help support the control of minor bleeding.

Our alginate dressings are available in a variety of formulations from high gelling mannuronic types to high guluronic fibres that are designed to be more integral when wet.

Suitable for:
moderately to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds


Silver alginates

Silver has broad spectrum antimicrobial properties that are effective against a wide range of micro organisms including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  We incorporate different silver technologies in to our base alginate dressings to provide wound dressings that help to prevent infection.

We have a number of different silver technologies that we can incorporate, which provide different properties to our dressings.

Trusted ability to bio-burden


The silver ions that are released in the presence of wound exudate are an effective antimicrobial agent for up to 14 days (based on in vitro testing), against a broad spectrum of microorganisms frequently associated with the bacterial colonisation and critically colonised wounds.

Suitable for:
the management of moderately to heavily exuding wounds and to control minor bleeding in superficial wounds.