Branded Direct

The Branded Direct Business Unit is responsible for distributing our own brands: ActivHeal®; LiquiBand®; and RESORBA® direct to end users in the U.K., Germany and the Czech Republic through our own direct sales teams.

The Branded Direct Business Unit also has primary responsibility for the R&D activities for sutures and collagen products.

ActivHeal® is our brand of advanced wound care dressings sold into the NHS in the U.K.. This brand provides a range of high quality ‘good value’ advanced wound care dressings that deliver cost savings to the NHS without compromising clinical outcomes or patient care. The ActivHeal® range is supported by a dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals and by online education modules that provide training on the use of ActivHeal® for the treatment of wounds.


Our LiquiBand® technologies are developed and marketed for use in the emergency room, operating theatres and extended care environments.  Our unique designs meet the needs of the clinician and patients to allow safe, secure and effective wound closure and sealing.  In the U.K., LiquiBand® is the tissue adhesive of choice for closing trauma wounds in a majority of Accident & Emergency (A&E) units.  LiquiBand® is also available for use in the Operating Room (OR) in the U.K. and Germany where it is used to make the final topical skin closure following the surgical procedure. Our innovative LiquiBand® Fix8™ product for internal hernia mesh fixation, is available through both our U.K. and German direct sales forces.


Our RESORBA® suture range includes brands such as CAPROLON®, GLYCOLON®, MOPYLEN® and RESOPREN® that are sold to hospitals, private medical practices and to oral surgeons.

Our RESORBA® haemostat range includes KOLLAGEN-resorb™ and GENTA-COLL®-resorb.  The latter is a combination of very pure collagen that includes the antibiotic gentamicin for use in wounds where there is a high risk of infection.

We have combined our suture and collagen technologies and developed high quality products for the oral surgery market including, PARASORB Sombrero®, a collagen cone used for dental implants.