Amorphous hydrogels are three dimensional, water swollen, cross-linked structures usually produced from hydrophilic biopolymers.

e.g. alginate, guar gum, CMC etc. combined with bacteriostatic agents

AMS has developed and manufactures hydrogel that encourages cell autolysis of devitalised tissue which facilitates wound healing.


The key performance parameter for a hydrogel dressing is the ability to donate fluid to devitalised, necrotic tissue.

AMS Hydrogel is an excellent fluid donator compared with the leading competitors. AMS hydrogels are designed to be used underneath a secondary occlusive dressing.

Feature Benefit
Good donation properties Aids autolytic debridements facilitating faster healing rates
Minimises the need for sharp debridement
High viscosity Easy to apply: remains in-situ.



Published : 06/10/2009 13:43:39