Employee Relationship


The Group’s policy is to consult and discuss with employees, through meetings, both formal and informal, those matters likely to affect employees’ interests. The Employees’ Consultative Committee, which comprises representatives of employees and management, meets regularly to discuss business issues and areas of concern.

Employees are encouraged directly through share option schemes, deferred share bonus schemes, performance reviews, and training and development opportunities. The Group’s aim is to recruit and retain sufficient skilled and motivated employees to meet the needs of the business. The required skills are defined and employees are encouraged to acquire additional skills for which, through a skill grid structure they are remunerated. Each line manager is responsible for implementing this approach.

It is the Group’s policy to give full and fair consideration to all applications for employment from disabled persons, having regard to their particular aptitudes and abilities and to encourage the training and career development of all personnel employed by the Group, including disabled persons. Should an employee become disabled, the Group would, where practicable, seek to continue the employment and arrange appropriate training.

Published : 13/03/2009 13:53:11